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"When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and  your story will heal someone else." 

- Iyanla Vanzant

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“Dream, Redefined feels like a warm hug from Oprah. Sparkling with candor, resiliency, and audacious truth-telling, Candace Clark Trinchieri shares her extraordinary journey in becoming a mom. Interweaving personal narrative with vibrant life stories from other women of color, this book is a powerful testament for all women, reminding us that we are never alone and we are always enough. I freaking love this book!”

-Ellie Knaus | Atomic Moms podcast

Collectively, we share just a different version of the exact same story. Now is the time to let your voice be heard and become a powerful part of the narrative.  This book project and collection of voices  is about claiming our space as Women of Color in the Infertility Story.

Share your story and your reflections, I want to hear your voice. How has infertility or pregnancy loss has impacted your life. You are not alone in your experience, you are not isolated in your pain. Our sisterhood is powerful and we can love and support one another.  


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About the Author

After 41/2  years, 9 IVFs, 2 surgeries, countless miscarriages, a failed attempt at surrogacy and 1 egg donor; Candace and her husband are the proud parents of a beautiful 9 year old son through adoption.


Candace began speaking out about her infertility journey and non linear path to motherhood in 2013 and hasn't stopped talking, counseling or advocating yet! Angry at her situation and angry about the misguided laws she saw being passed; she turned her anger into a positive force and decided to fight back.  As a volunteer Ambassador for Resolve, the National Infertility Association, she has served as Chair of the Southern California Walk of Hope in 2013 and in 2014.  Candace was instrumental in shaping education and training as National Vice -Chair Policy and Education for  the RESOLVE  Annual Advocacy Day.  In her role as Vice Chair, she helped establish new training guidelines for volunteer advocates for meeting with Congressional and Senate delegates. She has spoken passionately before members of Congress and Senate leaders on behalf of infertility treatment for men, women, Military families and the continued passage of the Adoption Tax Credit.

In Los Angeles, Candace co-Founded Infertility Warriors with Tomiko Fraser Hines. This monthly support group was open to all women with a particular focus geared to the concerns of women of color. She has continued to work individually to council and guide women through the infertility space. 


Along with her husband and son, she is one of four stories featured in the documentary "One More Shot" about the infertility journey and the Co-Author of Mama's Gotta Grow : Inspiring Conscious Growth in Motherhood; Pandemic Pivoting, Adapting to Change, Shifting Lifestyles and Embracing New Normals.


The Project

This book project is labor of love and directly from the heart. In late 2019, the desire to collect and openly share the stories of heartbreak, struggle and the incredible power of resilience became a reality.  It is not just my story that I wish to tell.  My hope is to lift up and give voice to all of the women of color who have felt alone and without a voice in the narrative of infertility and pregnancy loss.


Our power comes from supporting one another with our stories of resilience. Our stories deserve to be heard and need to be shared.


Your voice is an important one.The goal is to create a book that can seamlessly weave our stories together and provide love, strength, support and most of all hope to women of color. 


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Tell your story.

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