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The Book

Happy Family

It all started in 2013, my husband Tommaso and I sat down for a series of interviews with Film makers Noah Peters Moskin and his wife Maya. What followed was the Award winning documentary One More Shot, documenting not only their journey but several others on the windy, non traditional road to parenthood. Without One More Shot there would be no Dream, Redefined.


They documented our story from the moment we were matched with Max’s birthmom until the day we brought him home. It’s true what they say...every SuperHero has an origin story. I am so happy that Maya & Noah documented ours!


Now in 2021, hitting at a flash point moment in history, Dream, Redefined focuses on the unique perspective of women of color through infertility diagnosis and treatment. In shared personal stories and the author’s own experience and perspective, the distinctive struggles and barriers faced by minority women are given a powerful voice to express pain, trauma and successes and resolutions in their journey to motherhood. 

Raw, non clinical and with a touch of humor borne from pain,  personal and identifiable narratives dive deep into the struggle of women of color. Stories illuminate the frustrations of not just being an infertile woman but being an infertile woman of color within a medical system that does not address or support the needs of your community. 


Exploring the painful and damaging effect of lack of representation and how marketing and media narratives often exclude and even erase the non white women from the narrative. Guidance is offered for families, friends and allies on the best ways to support your loved ones. And finally, a comprehensive resource list such as blogs, support & advocacy groups and counselors is provided for minority women seeking answers, solace, community and family building alternatives.


Most importantly it amplifies the voices and drives forward the personal stories and representation that have been lacking in discussions of infertility. It is a book that gives voice to the strength and power of the shared experience and how the power in sharing one’s story gives voice and positive strength to others. Rather than searching for a final answer, Dream, Redefined seeks to upend the common narrative and help women find peace and resolution wherever the journey to motherhood takes them.

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