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About the Stories

Dream Redefined

The Struggle and Success of Infertility as a Woman of Color

As women we share a collective story. As powerful as we are, we tend to suffer alone.  As infertile women or women who have suffered a pregnancy loss, we share a unique pain. As women of color we share a unique isolation.  Infertility like any disease, does not discriminate on who it will touch. Yet when the story is told, it is told through a specific lens and narrow focus. The narrative often does not hold space for those of us that do not fit in that mold. Together, we can change that narrative.

When you look in the mirror and don't see yourself reflected back, you start to believe that your experience is not validated and that's not true. As women of color, we share slightly different versions of the same story and it is time we take hold of the narrative and speak our truth. Tell your story. Take this opportunity to share your journey. You are not alone.

My sister, you are not alone.

When you look in the mirror and don't see yourself reflected back, you start to believe that your experience is not validated and that's not true.

-Candace Trinchieri

Our Mission

Collectively, we share just a different version of the exact same story. Now is the time to let your voice be heard and become a powerful part of the narrative.  This book project and collection of voices is about claiming our space as Women of Color in the Infertility Story.

Our Mission

The Vision

Share your story and your reflections, I want to hear your voice. How has infertility or pregnancy loss has impacted your life. You are not alone in your experience, you are not isolated in your pain. We are a powerful sisterhood, and we can love and support one another.  

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